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Press Releases

Latest Press Releases and News Articles • EUA statement on the Proposal for a General Data Protection Regulation: EUA highlights potential threat to research posed by European Parliament’s (LIBE Committee) suggested amendments Press release: 24 April 2014 • ‘Changing Landscapes in Learning and Teaching’: Report from the EUA Annual Conference News article: 8 April 2014 • University representatives gather to discuss ‘Changing Landscapes in Learning and Teaching’ News article: 2 April 2014 • European University Association (EUA) launches EUA Solutions: a new service for universities and higher education policy makers Press release: 26 March 2014 • EUA Statement of support for the Swiss ‘Appeal for an Open European Higher Education Area’ 18 March 2014 • HE stakeholder organisations present proposal for revised “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area” (ESG) Joint press release: 18 March 2014 • EUA-LERU-EARTO fringe session at European Commission Innovation Convention (10 March) News article: 21 February 2014 • EUA Annual Conference 2014 - "Changing Landscapes in Learning and Teaching" Brussels, Belgium (3-4 April 2014) Media invitation • How is public funding for universities in Europe changing? EUA publishes first findings from DEFINE project on “funding efficiency” measures Press release: 17 December 2013 • Universities in the European Research Area (ERA): EUA publishes MoU progress report and reaffirms commitment to ERA goals Press release: 13 December 2013 • University leaders and HE experts from Europe and Latin America gather in Colombia for bi-regional conference Press release: 29 November 2013 • IEP launches coordinated evaluations in Montenegro News article: 15 November 2013 • EUA ‘TRENDS 2015’ project to map key HE developments in Europe News article: 14 November 2013 • ‘Making sense of the MOOCs’ - report from ACA-EUA Seminar in Brussels (10 October) News article: 18 October 2013 • 8th European Quality Assurance Forum, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (21-23 November 2013) Media invitation • EUA welcomes European Commission Communication on ‘Opening Up Education’ News article: 27 September 2013.

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EUA publishes regular press releases to inform journalists about the different areas of our work, such as the latest reports, studies and events etc. EUA is also happy to organise interviews with experts on a wide range of topics relating to European higher education and research including: the Bologna Process; university governance, funding and autonomy; quality in higher education, and issues relating to international higher education and research.
EUA also publishes a fortnightly E-newsletter – with comprehensive information about all of EUA’s work, projects and policy statements.
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