EUA is building strong universities for Europe through a programme of activities aimed at supporting their development. In addition to our policy and project work, members (and other higher education stakeholders) can take part in a carefully designed programme of events that have been developed to respond to the needs of different sectors of the higher education community.

Member events: EUA and EUA-CDE
For EUA members and/or members of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education: these include an Annual Conference, and more targeted thematic workshops, focussing on specific issues affecting the university community. EUA members can also take part in the annual European Quality Assurance Forum – the landmark event for all higher education stakeholders working in quality.
Project-related events
As part of its project work EUA also organises regular events (conferences, workshops etc.) that are designed specifically for universities to collect and share examples of good practice.
Events with partners
EUA actively organises events with its partners on a wide range of issues relating to the different areas of its policy work. These include a number of events organised outside of Europe with other international organisations that are active in HE policy and cooperation.
Brussels networking events
To reinforce its role as the voice of Europe’s universities, EUA organises regular ‘networking events’ and sessions for the Brussels community to highlight different areas of its work and latest trends in the sector.

Upcoming events
EUA Annual Conference/General Assembly
European Universities – Global Engagement
Hosted by Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
11-12 April 2013

Training workshops for university quality managers
Promoting quality culture in higher education institutions
8-10 April 2013, Lisbon, Portugal
22-24 May 2013, Zagreb, Croatia
26-28 June 2013, Essen, Germany

ATHENA Workshop Moldova
Fostering Sustainable and Autonomous Higher Education Institutions
Hosted by the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova
29 May 2013
(More information to follow soon.)

AECHE Conference
First Arab-Euro University Conference on Higher Education
Hosted by the University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
30-31 May 2013

Sixth EUA-CDE Annual Meeting
From Student to Researcher – are we on the right track?
Hosted by the University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
18-19 June 2013
The call for papers is open until 2 April 2013.
(More information to follow soon.)

8th European Quality Assurance Forum Hosted by the University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
21-23 November 2013
(More information to follow soon.)

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Strategic Dialogue focus group on Visions for the European Research Area
On 3 and 4 April at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research of the University of Manchester, key stakeholders from universities and research and technology organisations (RTOs) were invited to a focus group to debate the possible future of the European Research Area.


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