Czech Rectors Conference Annual Assembly and 20th Anniversar

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Czech Rectors Conference Annual Assembly and 20th Anniversary

Last month, the Czech Rectors Conference (CRC) celebrated its 20th Anniversary at its Annual Assembly in Prague. The event was held at the Czech Technical University in Prague from 14 to 15 February 2013, and brought together more than 130 participants – including current and former rectors and a number of Czech and international HE stakeholders.
Photo: © CTU Computer and Information Centre (CTU - Czech Technical University in Prague)The Czech Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, the President of the Higher Education Institutions Council, the President of the Accreditation Commission, the President of the Academy of Sciences and others were all present at the event together with the EUA President, Professor Helena Nazaré and representatives of the Rectors Conferences of Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.
In her presentation Professor Nazaré, underlined the active role of the CRC within the EUA and also in the further development of European higher education.
Since its establishment, the number of CRC members has grown from the original 27 (all public and state higher education institutions in the Czech Republic) to 51 (all 26 public higher education institutions, both state higher education institutions and 23 private higher education institutions). The CRC Secretariat is located in the Masaryk University headquarters building in Brno.
More information about the CRC event, and the resolution adopted at the meeting, can be found on the CRC website. Photo: © CTU Computer and Information Centre (CTU - Czech Technical University in Prague)

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