EARMA Annual Conference 2011

5th EM-iDEA regional conference

EARMA Annual Conference 2011: Supporting and Sustaining Competitive Research in Europe, Braganca, Portugal (22-24 June 2011)

The European Association for Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) Annual Conference will take place in Braganca, Portugal from 22-24 June 2011.

On the topic of supporting and sustaining competitive research in Europe, the conference will gather research managers, administrators and others concerned with European science policy to discuss current European opportunities and the future shape of European research policy.
Key themes will include how to improve access to funds and better prepare applications, how to deal with the management of funded projects and how to improve efficiency so that scientists can concentrate on the science. There will also be opportunities to exchange best practice and share views on how future policies might affect their work.
The deadline to register is 31 May 2011.
For more information, visit the event website.

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